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Guides have been used by explorers since the beginning of time but what happens when people adventure only in the company of escorts? Do they actually learn skills and survival at all? Moreover, shepherded adventures “for a cause” are overtaking media: how will these examples inspire human progress? Check out Pythom’s editorial “Explorers vs Payloads” lending lessons from human Space travel.

One last brave but botched attempt for a new route on G1 finalized Karakoram summer, ending at a meager twenty-one 8000er summits despite mostly commercial support. Himalaya fall season is about to kick off, more on that next week.

And finally, no one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe, but is it worth it when lives are cut short? Does humanity even have a choice?

We lost several great base jumpers in short order and much too soon last week. Following up on Honnold’s MRIs, this week we dug up a study trying to explain the mind behind fearlessness.


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News from Around the World

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Speed, age barriers broken on Tetons’ Grand Traverse Alpinist

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German authorities take over investigation into murder of yachtsman in St Vincent Yachting & Boating World

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What’s Lost When We Photograph Life Instead of Living It? Adventure Journal

BMC and Climb Britain: next steps The BMC

New interactive game launches at international science meeting British Antarctic Survey

Three Germans crushed to death after mast breaks Yachting & Boating World

Ian Walker gives advice on how to get into sailing Yachting & Boating World

Spedizioni commerciali, rispondendo ad Hervé Barmasse (Italian)

Rescued yachtsman: Dover RNLI “saved my marriage” Yachting & Boating World

Dog Paddling: Amy Besunder and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Canoe & Kayak

Great Wide Open: The Rockstar—Alex Honnold Climbing

Tuta alare, nuovo incidente mortale: perde la vita Alexander Polli (Italian)

Great Wide Open: The Dirtbag—Renan Ozturk Climbing

Poll: Is Backpacking a Sport? Adventure Journal open?msgid=8E7JFL4OrTl0vY7_EtN3Zg2

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