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Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World. (Christopher Columbus)

Happy Columbus day, may we never fear to leave the old behind. Here are the main Pythom headlines.


2016-17 Antarctica Ski Expedition List by Explorersweb/Pythom correne

Fall 2016 Wrap Up: Success on Manaslu and Cho Oyu, Difficulties on Other Peaks raheel

Manaslu new route attempt ends in surprise summit pythom

Unclimbed: Pasang Kaji Sherpa, “Tenzing is our hero” (Interview) tina

Unclimbed: The Storyteller, Elia Saikaly (Interview) tina

Elia Saikaly, final: “I think the human stories is what sold the series” tina

Oscar Cadiach Cancels Fall Broad Peak Attempt pythom

Instant Expeditions: Everest in 3 Days tina

SpaceX to shuttle everyone to Mars tina

Silver Bullet’s New Home Found? tina

Abyss of Hranicka Propast, the deepest underwater cave piotrch

Sean Burch to Hidden Himalaya for unclimbed peaks attempts correne

Antarctica Current: Polar How-To-Guide Heads-Up tina

Events and Expeditions

2016-17 Antarctica Ski Expedition List by Explorersweb/Pythom correne

Expedition Dispatches

Iceland: blizzards, spindrift and a pulk on the loose SPEAR17 UK South Pole Expedition

Transamazonica, Day 28 – Electric Forest Transamazonica

Men’s Journal Write about Training for a North Pole Mission Sebastian Copeland & Mark George

Vertical Nepal: Tal Lonnie Dupre – One World Endeavors

ARTICLE/ Extract from Mount Everest 1938 – Tillman’s attempt to summit Jagged Globe

Is acclimatising at home the future of Himalayan mountaineering? Mark Horrell

NASA, Orbital ATK Set Cygnus Launch for Oct. 13 Space Station

News from Around the World

Video: NRS Films presents “WHY” Canoe & Kayak

Tout savoir sur la vie sexuelle des aventuriers Un Monde D’Aventures (French)

Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders climb virgin North Face of Sersank Peak in Indian Himalaya Planet Mountain

The Lessons of Love on the Road Adventure Journal

Chamonix, la capitale mondiale del BASE jumping, dice basta (Italian)

Yeah, but, what’ve you ever done on grit? The BMC

VIDEO – The World’s Angriest Boulderer UKClimbing

Alta Quota: Sperimentando un nuovo approccio per l’alpinismo himalayano? (Italian)

Searching For Solitude on Kilimanjaro Outside Mag

Autumn Himalayan Climbing – Second Half Alan Arnette

Dog Paddling: Gordon Hommes and Wilson the Campsite Guardian Canoe & Kayak

What’s the Best Gear for Working on the Road? Outside Mag

Surfski Rock Gardening, South African Style Canoe & Kayak

NEWSFLASH – First Ascent in Tibet for Bullock and Ramsden UKClimbing

Mike Kosterlitz awarded Nobel Prize in Physics Planet Mountain

Parapendio in Karakorum a 7000 mt (Italian)

Una perfetta estate pakistana sulle Trango Tower ed una nuova via sull’Uli Biaho (Italian)

El ataque non stop de Mariano Galván a la cima del Manaslu Desnivel (Spain)

Simone Moro: “C’è un orgasmo di comunicazione” (Italian)

Freedom to Roam: The Cost of Always Being Connected Adventure Kayak Magazine

Art-Politics-Surf-Slater Surfnewsnetwork

Kimshung Expedition 2016: al campo base (Italian)

Incastonato in Himalaya il Paese più verde del pianeta (Italian)

Tom Evans Ends His Much-Loved El Cap Report Gripped

Snapexpedition Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Charges brought in fatal Cheeki Rafiki yacht accident Yachting & Boating World

Kuriki abandons summit attempt on Everest Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

INTERVIEW: Markus Pucher on Patagonian Winter Soloing UKClimbing

Due morti sul Cervino: erano esperti alpinisti (Italian)

Marco Siffredi, la stella cadente (Italian)

The 12 Best Kayaking Tattoos Adventure Kayak Magazine

Carlos Soria: “Merece la pena jugar un poco con el riesgo” Desnivel (Spain)

Being a Bush Pilot in the Northwest Territories Looks Incredible Outside Mag

Out on a Ledge: Way of Life Climbing

Dani Arnold races up two daunting solos in the Alps and Dolomites Alpinist

Adventure Blog Interview: Jeff Evans of Travel Channel’s Everest Air The Adventure Blog

This Is One of the Most Badass Sea Crossings Ever Adventure Journal

Ufficiali di Collegamento in Nepal: un disastro (Italian)

East Greenland: Alexander Huber and Co. pluck the day Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Living Off the Land on an Alaskan Kayaking Adventure Adventure Kayak Magazine

Il Museo della Montagna di Torino acquisisce le collezioni dell’archivio di Walter Bonatti (Italian)


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