Time Magazine; Modern Explorers

I am kind of in a state of shock. For some unknown reason I was included in Time Magazine´s Special Edition called Modern Explorers. Obviously this was not expected at all. I do feel honored though. I received two copies of this special edition and believe me when I say I am very, very surprised.

Sure, I know I was included and I wasn´t allowed to proof read before, so I just imagined it would be something very, very small among a thousand of our worlds different explorers. Just that would have been way to good. It is in no way deserved. But when receiving it, it is basically stuffed with global stars like Sylvia Earle, Elon Musk, James Cameron, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and maybe another 50 well known explorers. And me. Somebody has done a great mistake somewhere.

Obviously in anyway, I feel honored. Enough said. Time to put the girls to bed.

This interview, done by Tina Sjögren from Exweb was done the same day I was notified by Time Magazine.

Well, back to the grinding of every day. Which includes taking the girls to school, one of my highlights!