Two More Dead On Everest

A 59-year-old Indian woman, Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus, has died in Lukla Hospital after falling ill at Everest Base Camp, according to The Himalayan Times. The death did not occur while climbing.

Leopoldina Jesus had completed the trek to Everest Base Camp and aimed to become both the first Asian person to ascend Everest with a pacemaker and the oldest Indian to do so.

Reluctant to leave

According to reports, Leopoldina Jesus wanted to climb Everest “at any cost.” This was despite falling sick for six days at Base Camp and being told several times to leave the camp and descend. Eventually, she was “forcibly airlifted to Lukla from Base Camp” yesterday evening, according to Da Dendi Sherpa from Glacier Himalaya Treks. She later died in Lukla Hospital.

Efforts are underway to airlift her body to Kathmandu.

Everest Base Camp.

Part of Everest Base Camp. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


Eighth death

There was more bad news from Everest to come. Chinese climber Xuebin Chen, 52, died near the South Summit. The client was part of the Chinese expedition managed by 8K Expeditions, according to The Himalayan Times.

Yesterday, we reported on another fatality.

Rescues underway

Meanwhile, two other climbers require rescue. A Chinese and a Mongolian climber are in trouble in the Balcony area on Everest. Sherpas from 8K Expeditions are trying to bring them down safely.

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