Two More Missing on Everest

Seven Summit Treks reports that two team members have been missing on Everest since this morning. Cheruiyot Kirui from Kenya, who wanted to climb without oxygen, and his guide Nawang Sherpa were last seen at Bishop Rock, just meters from the summit.

It is unclear whether Kirui was using oxygen at the time. Nawarg Sherpa reportedly told Base Camp that his client was behaving abnormally. The pair then went “out of contact,” although it is hard to understand how climbers can disappear among the crowds on the mountain, all clipped to the same rope.

A patrol began to look for them later in the day.

In addition to Kirui and Nawang Sherpa, Daniel Paterson (UK) and Pastenji Sherpa also went missing earlier in the day. The fear is they might have fallen down the Kangshung Face of Everest when the cornice they stepped on gave way. So far, three people have been confirmed dead on Everest this season.

As climbers return to Base Camp and a Wi-Fi connection, they are starting to share images and footage of the crowds between Camp 3 and Camp 4 on Monday. Hundreds had jammed into Camp 4 in preparation for yesterday’s massive summit push.

a line of people crosses the lhotse face toward the Yellow Band on Everest in the fog.

An endless line of people heads toward the Yellow Band on Monday. Photo: Rajan Dwivedi. Also check a video here.

Angela Benavides

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