Ultralight Backpacking Tips

When you go camping, you only need the hiking essentials. That’s why it’s important to pack the essentials and you will be well on your way. A little care while packing your backpack can reduce the weight to carry while hiking.

Ultralight backpacking is something you will learn with time and experience. We can spare you the time and mistakes by making a complete list of the most essential hiking gear checklist. Of course, this may not be a complete list with hiking essentials, you may add or reduce as per your planned trail:

Ultralight Backpacking Tips

Remember this tips while packing:

1. Avoid carrying boots

Boots can weigh down in your backpack. That’s why it’s better to go for the trail runners. They are a better choice because of their weight and comfort.

2. Carry a 1-liter bottle

The usual water dispensers with chords are too complicated to carry. If you carry a plastic water bottle, it will not feel heavy on your body while you’re hiking. Not only that, it’s cheap and it can last longer for use.

3. Duct Tape

Duct tapes can be a lifesaver in hiking situations. You can use it as a band-aid or you can use it to repair your equipment. Either way, it’s one of the best things to keep on your hiking essentials.

4. Reinvent your toothbrush

Take your toothbrush and cut the excess part – the handle. Of course, you can buy a miniature size one but, what’s the fun in that? A little DIY(Do It Yourself) project is fun.

5. Bandana

Bandanas are a great hiking choice and used in tons of different ways. You can use it as a sponge. Either way, it’s versatile.

6. Vaseline

Apart from the moisturizing part, Vaseline is a great choice for doing a lot of things. Vaseline is a great choice for avoiding blisters. Rub some on your feet and you will be good to go. Also, it’s a great option for slow burning fuel, which you can use for starting a fire while hiking.

7. Avoid carrying too many batteries

Always carry enough batteries for the headlamp. Check to see if they are charged enough to make it through the whole process. Don’t use them during the day. Try to save as much energy as you can.

8. Take mini lighters

There are great miniature alternatives to regular lighters. They will save you a lot of room and are as effective as any regular lighter.

9. Wooly socks

Unlike this popular counterpart-cotton, wool is great for fighting smelly feet and it can dry faster.

10. Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags will help you pack more stuff into a more compacted space. While choosing your backpacking backpack, make sure it is a lightweight pack. Try adding a cushion in it, it should fit everything perfectly.

11. Avoid many straps

Straps are a big help, but they are not hiking essentials. At least, you don’t need a million of them. You can bring down to two at most. Make sure you pack everything accordingly. That way you won’t end up needing many of them.

With keeping all this in mind, there are hikers who go for haircut and nail cut before proceeding for a trail. Keeping an ultra lightweight pack means you can enjoy your trip more.

I hope we saved you from spending time researching the web. It’s very important to carry only the most important things when you go hiking. Your body will thank you for it. No doubt, a lightweight backpack at your back means more energy for adventure and hiking.

Happy trails!!