Urubko and Two Others Summit Broad Peak

Denis Urubko and at least two other climbers reached the top of Broad Peak this morning and have made it safely back to Camp 3. There, they have joined a number of other climbers who will continue up tomorrow.

Urubko literally ran up Broad Peak. He set off from Base Camp yesterday 8:20 pm and topped out today at 11 am, according to Azerbaijani climber Israfil Ashurli.

Ashurli is also on his own. He is one of those in Camp 3, getting some rest and preparing to set off for the summit tonight.

Full-length portrait of Azerbaijani climber Israfil Ashurli.

Israfil Ashurli, some days ago on Broad Peak. Photo: Israfil Ashurli

Two more summits, plus others in C3

The outfitter Summit Karakoram reports that Jesus Catacora Monje of Bolivia and Luc Benoit of Canada summited Broad Peak at 2 pm local time. They also returned to Camp 3 for the night. All summiters are expected back in Base Camp tomorrow.

We don’t know yet whether others might have also summited today, or if Urubko or the other successful climbers fixed ropes along the way or climbed without. Anyway, the trail is broken again, and climbers report awesome weather.

Among the teams in Camp 3 now are Ashurli’s Lithuanian partner, Saulius Damulevicius; Pepe Saldaña and Fernando Fernandez-Vivancos of Spain; plus a five-member Chilean team and another group from Poland. Adriana Brownlee and Gelje Sherpa left Camp 2 early this morning and are likely ready to head up this evening as well.

Angela Benavides

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