Venture/Sporting Challenge Support Team Member Wanted

I am looking for an individual to work with me as a support team member on a number of ventures/sporting challenges from 3 days to 25 days around the world over the course of the next few years.


Ventures include:

River kayaking as support to a river swim- 25 days. Sweden

Driver as support on a 250 mile foot race- 8 days. Australia

Driver as support on a venture sport event- 3 days. Faroe Islands

Driver/walking support on sporting venture event- 3 days. Greece

There are base plans on 3 more ventures over 2019, 2020, 2021.

The ventures have pencilled dates but have no fixed dates at this point so can work with potential support team member on what works best regards scheduling.


Support would include:

Map reading.


Setting camp.




Completing chores.

Working to help the venture succeed and prevent issues and problems.

Be flexible enough to be able to complete anything that may arise.

Celebrating with a drink on completion of a venture.


Tasks required on ventures can be potentially physically demanding such as kayaking for long periods, hiking and trekking, loading/unloading equipment, being awake for long periods, camping for consecutive days.


Individual needs to be confident driving in other countries and happy using hire cars.


The individual will be working with just me on the ventures and so at times when I am not in the vicinity will be working solo.

The position is unpaid but expenses such as flights, food, accommodation, equipment will be all paid for. Plus expenses for any planning work undertaken and meetings pre-venture.

I would ask that the individual agrees not to put any venture on any social media sites and would agreed to keep the ventures as private as I would like.

Individual would ideally be able to commit to several ventures and want to work with me on several different ventures long term providing all is well.


English speaking and UK based necessary as I am UK based.


I am less concerned with age, gender, experience and background but more concerned with the individuals character.

The character traits I am most interested in are:

Can do attitude.


Good sense of humour.

Commitment to the ventures.

Initiative and flexibility in approach is a must.


This is not a commercial adventure.


This is a fantastic opportunity for an individual to travel and be part of unique ventures/sporting challenges and hopefully build a good rapport with me going forward over the next few years on the different challenges.


If you are interested please email me with some brief details about yourself and any questions you may have.