‘New Fear Unlocked’: POV of Skiing Into a Crevasse

Looking for today’s dose of “Holy crap?”

Well, look no further, because this short Instagram video of a skier suddenly falling into a crevasse will hit harder than any special effect you see in a Hollywood film this year.

A French ski team called Les Powtos posted the video, presumably after the skier in question escaped the terrifying situation he finds himself in. (Many commenters have requested an additional video of the escape route, so perhaps the team will eventually post a more thorough explanation.)

Regardless, the 22 seconds of this video speak volumes.

While happily skiing along on what appears to be a perfect day, the skier suddenly falls through the snow into this invisible fissure. While many mountaineers and skiers have experienced the terror of falling into a crevasse, the camera’s first-person perspective makes the fear of the moment palpable — even from the safety of your living room.

Or as one commenter put it: “new fear unlocked.”


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Andrew McLemore

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