Extreme Slacklining Between Two Hot Air Balloons

Last month, two of Brazil’s foremost highliners set sail for the skies. Their mission: to string up and traverse the highest slackline in the world. And they would do it in the whimsical fashion so baked into balance culture, supported by a pair of rainbow-colored hot air balloons.

From 1,860 metres above Earth, Rafael Bridi lifted himself over the hot air balloon basket and planted his bare feet on the narrow, 2.5cm tightrope. With a grin on his face, the 34-year-old daredevil smoothly cantered across the webbing.

The feat, captured on Bridi’s GoPro Max, suspended him at a height twice that of the world’s tallest building. His balancing act shattered the previous highline record and landed Bridi’s name in Guinness World Records.

Take a look.