Waiting game in Resolute – North Pole 2017 ski update

Three and half hours to cook six liters of water in -43 degrees

The two teams are still in Resolute Bay, Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, grounded by the weather. The town experienced freezing/ice fog yesterday, the men told Explorersweb/Pythom. Martin Murray and Sky were ready to go, while Sebastian Copeland and Mark George repacked their delayed gear. Both teams are now ready and waiting to be dropped at the edge of Canada.

Sebastian told us, he and Mark slept in the tent the previous night, to test things out. “Temperatures are down to negative 43. Brrrr. We were chilly sleeping and it took 3.5 hours to cook six liters of water… Luckily we were 100 meters from the hotel so had a shower this morning in the warm tub. First day out is always a shock to the system. It will be so for the next few days!” They are hoping for a weather window today or the following days.

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2017 Ski North Pole Expedition List by Explorersweb/Pythom

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Note: A North Pole Ski expedition covers the full distance between land (Canada/Russia/Greenland) and the Pole, no flying part/most of the route. The two 2017 teams will start from Canada: ice-depending, either Ward Hunt Island (775 km) or Cape Discovery (780 km) on Ellesmere Island.The distance from Land to Pole is calculated in a straight line from where the skiers start. What is not added to this distance, are all the detours around high ridges, hummocks, ice blocks, rubble, thin ice, or leads (open water). Also not added are the negative drift and relaying sleds.


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