Weary Climbers Continue Down Jannu

Fifteen days after setting off up the Southeast Face of 7,710m Mount Jannu, Sergey Nilov and Dimitry Golovchenko remain on the mountain.

The Russian duo have spent the last three days descending the Southwestern side of the mountain, loosely following the 1962 first ascent route. The second day was particularly hard due to poor visibility, but expected high winds did not materialize. On March 29, their GPS tracker read 6,995m.

Yesterday, March 30, the bonus calm weather continued, and the pair have continued their slow descent. The support team, led by Elise Kubarska, have been in contact by radio to advise them of the complex route ahead.

Kubarska is due to head up the Gunza valley and onto the Yamatari Glacier, climbing to around 5,000m to wait for the two weary and hungry climbers.