Weekend Warm-Up: The Alaska Wingsuit Project

Skiing first brought Alaska native Pyrce Brown to the mountains, but eventually he wanted to find new ways to explore them. This led to ski flying, which quickly turned into a passion for canopy sports. Wingsuiting became his favourite. After following this passion around the world, he decided that it was time to bring it back home to Alaska. Thus, the Alaska Wingsuit Project was born.

A bird’s eye view of Alaska. Photo: alaskamagazine.com


Led by Brown, the project features a collective of adventurers who love the mountains and crave new challenges on unknown peaks. They made it their goal to discover the first wingsuit BASE zone in Alaska.

The first wingsuit BASE jump in Alaska. Photo: Pryce Brown


This beautiful film of their quest shows them packrafting rivers and speed-flying Alaska’s otherwise unattainable peaks until they find the perfect spot from which to plunge.

This discovery was just the beginning. Once it was clear that wingsuit BASE jumping in Alaska was possible, the real exploration began. With the help of Super Cub pilots, they scouted the clifftops and slopes and opened up what the state has to offer those who share their passion for going nowhere, as Brown archly puts it, with absolute enthusiasm.

The Alaska Wingsuit Project: The Beginning from Pryce Brown on Vimeo.