Weekend Warm-Up: The Frozen Road

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Photo: Ben Page

In 2014, at the age of 22, Ben Page decided he was going to cycle alone around the world. And away he went, with Jack London’s famous words, “Any man who is a man can travel alone” ringing in his ears, through five continents, 55,000km for three years.

The young Yorkshire man hoped for an adventure of perfect solitude. But 15 months into his journey, cycling through Canada’s remote Yukon Territory to the Arctic Sea, Page began to question the whole idea of “perfect solitude”.

Photo: Ben Page

In the Yukon, Page had to cross frozen lakes and rivers for the first time in his life. In this magnificent but uncaring landscape, he started to discover that the line between solitude and loneliness was a thin one.

Photo: Ben Page

As he travelled further north, past the Arctic Circle, he faced storms, wind and bitter cold. He began to feel small, but also gained perspective on his place in the grand scheme, which he later realized was the purpose of his trip.

Photo: Ben Page

Cycling along the frozen Peel River, his emotions began to seesaw. He learned what it meant to truly travel alone. After a storm trapped him on the river, he was unable to cycle in the deep snow, and he had to push his bike instead. He was 60km from the nearest town, with only 36 hours food left. Scared, hungry, pushed to his mental and physical limits and struggling through a great emptiness, Page started to question everything.

Photo: Ben Page

This astounding self-made film gives a glimpse into his journey and the emotions of a solo trip; the feelings of true elation and happiness, along with those of isolation and fear.


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Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca is a freelance writer and science teacher based in the UK.

She is a keen traveler and has been lucky enough to backpack her way around parts of Africa, South America, and Asia. With a background in marine biology, she is interested in everything to do with the oceans.

Her areas of expertise include open water sports, marine wildlife and adventure travel.

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