“We’ve Made It” — Mingote

“After a 13-hour push, we’re on the top at 8,167m,” reported Sergi Mingote from the windy summit of Dhaulagiri. This is the Catalan climber’s seventh 8,000m peak without supplementary O2 in 444 days. His goal is to climb all 14 in less than 1,000 days in the same style.

Atanas Skatov of Bulgaria has also summited his fourth 8,000m peak this year. A total of eight climbers reached the top despite high winds, no fixed ropes and no trail through deep snow.

Screen-shot from Sergi Mingote’s RaceTracker.


Bulgarian Atanas Skatov some days ago in Dhaulagiri’s Base Camp. Photo: Atanas Skatov


“Now, the most important thing is to get down,” Mingote added. As of 6pm local time, he had descended to 7,744m. You can follow his further progress on RaceTracker.

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2 years ago

Congratulations to Skatov and Mingote! If I may repeat the words of Mr. Viesturs: “Climbing to the top/summit is optional, returning back home is mandatory/ must.” I want to believe that every year trekking companies (espec. those of them with fatal cases) will work much for the improving their services and save the life’s of their clients. Is it so expensive to have some O2 in reserve and to use in needed time and place? This regulators of bottles maybe must be checked maybe more carefully more times. And not to use so cheap and broken / ” second hand”… Read more »