Watch Whale Slam Wingfoiler in Scary Moment

Wingfoiler plus whale — what does that add up to?

For most, it’s probably an easy solve, but here’s the answer to the test anyway: wipeout.

Most wingfoilers have endured their share of thrashing, but 55-year-old Jason Breen got hammered by a new force of nature last month. Breen was riding off the coast of New South Wales, Australia on Oct. 25 when a humpback whale breached in front of him at point blank.

Breen and his GoPro got tossed, the ocean churned like a washing machine around them, and the whale disappeared. (Multiple sources and commenters hoped the animal was ok.)

As The Guardian reported, it was a close call for Breen. He ended up several meters below the surface, contemplating the end.

“I thought I was gone, to be honest,” he said later. “I thought for a few seconds, ‘This is what it’s like to die.’”

Nope — just a GoPro classic and a story no one would believe without it.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson takes any writing assignments he can talk his way into while intermittently traveling the American West and Mexico in search of margaritas — er, adventure. He parlayed a decade of roving trade work into a life of fair-weather rock climbing and truck dwelling before (to his parents’ evident relief) finding a way to put his BA in English to use. Sam loves animals, sleeping outdoors, campfire refreshments and a good story.