Winding Down: Last Days on Makalu and Everest

Whatever happens, it will occur before the end of the week. Kristin Harila, Halung Dorchi Sherpa, Dawa Wonju Sherpa, and Pasdawa Sherpa should leave for the summit tonight. Harila’s tracker currently locates her at 7,500m as of midnight Nepal time.

Multimodel weather forecasts show weakening winds and some light snow through Saturday. Although the weather looks good for the week ahead, May 29 seems to be the logical summit day. Harila is on the clock, trying to beat Nirmal Purja’s time for all 14 8,000’ers. Also, climbing permits may be expiring shortly. It is unlikely that anyone will pursue summits on Makalu into June.

Forecast for the summit of Makalu by


The Pioneer Adventure team, led by Mingma Dorchi and Sanu Sherpa, currently plans to summit on May 28.

Sirbaz Khan, Jill Wheatley, and the rest of Mingma G’s Imagine Nepal group are at Camp 2 (6,700m). Khan’s partner, Saad Munawar, says that Khan will move to Camp 3 tomorrow and launch his summit push from there. He aims to top out on Saturday.  Adrianna Brownlee’s tracker also locates her in Camp 2, while Shehroze Kashif is still at Advance Base Camp (5,700m).

Everest: last push tonight?

On Everest, there is no news from Elite Exped team, the only one left on the mountain. They previously cited May 27 as summit day on Everest and May 28 on Lhotse. They have given no updates since then.

Yesterday, the Everest ER clinic closed in Base Camp. The physicians handled a total of 419 cases, according to Dr. Samriddha Pant. Some were altitude-related, some not. The Ice Doctors will retrieve the ropes and ladders from the Icefall on Sunday.

Dr. Samriddha Pant at the Everest ER, earlier in the season. The clinic closed yesterday. Photo: Everest ER/Facebook

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