Wingsuiting Through An Active Volcano

Looking down on the Pucon volcano before the jump. Photo: Juan García Prieto/Red Bull Content Pool

In this Red Bull video released today, wingsuiter Sebastian Alvarez flies through the smoking cone of Chile’s Pucon volcano.

The aesthetically shaped 2,860m volcano rises out of the landscape rises out of the landscape like a snowy Mount Fuji, as Alvarez swoops down on it in his red-and-blue wingsuit.

Alvarez either did the stunt more than once or several drones hovered about as he did his dramatic pass. What makes the less-than-two-minute film so impressive is the number of angles from which we view the feat.

Pucon volcano, Chile. Photo: Shutterstock


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Jerry Kobalenko

Jerry Kobalenko

Jerry Kobalenko is the editor of ExplorersWeb. Canada's premier arctic traveler, he is the author of The Horizontal Everest and Arctic Eden, and is currently working on a book about adventures in Labrador. In 2018, he was awarded the Polar Medal by the Governor General of Canada.

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Don Paul
Don Paul
1 month ago

In Spanish the last guy explains the Flare maneuver. Dive, gain speed and then go back up to clear the rim. It seems too dangerous for him to try more than once. Maybe they edited the other videographers out?