Winter 2017: Manaslu, Everest Teams in BCs with Different Strategies

On two different mountains, the two teams have different strategies and plans.

Elisabeth Revol reached Manaslu Base Camp last week, whereas Alex Txikon’s team made it to BC today. On two different mountains, the two teams have different strategies and plans. Although, both of them will be fighting against bitter weather and harsh climbing conditions.

Manaslu: Himalaya Light

“Himalaya Light” is Elisabeth Revol’s blog title and she named it perfectly. The French lady wants to climb big mountains in light-style and without spending too much time. Perhaps because she can acquire only a limited number of off days from work.

During last two winter Nanga Parbat expeditions, she reached BC at the end of December, whereas the expeditions were over by end-January. She has a similar plan for Manaslu.

Elisabeth Revol reached Base Camp on December 30th, “in base camp today. We are in winter: it’s cold and windy. But weather is ok for now.” she wrote. Elisabeth, however, does not have an internet connection at BC. So, we can expect very few, if not none, updates before her return. She intends to climb Manaslu in alpine style.

Steady Mood on Everest

The Spanish team flew to Lukla on December 28th and then marched steadily to Everest BC. They arrived at Base Camp, this afternoon. “We have now reached the base camp! The site is brutal, but it’s a privilege to be the only expedition at the foot of Everest,” wrote the team, referring to tent city at Everest BC during spring season. Cold and dry conditions are reported from the mountain.

On Everest, a team of Sherpa will be fixing ropes through icefall. Like on Nanga Parbat, Alex Txikon plans to fix ropes all the way to South Col, before launching summit push.