Winter Preview: Txikon to Annapurna, Urubko Trains For Mystery Goal

Three weeks before the beginning of the winter climbing season, many are keeping their plans close to their chests. Some drop just an occasional hint to create interest and keep sponsors happy.

Alex Txikon of Spain confirmed in an interview with Territorio Trail last week that he is returning to Annapurna. No details about route, team, or style, but Txikon did name some of the Seven Summit Treks’ sherpas who climbed with him last winter on Manaslu and previously on Everest. On these expeditions, the sherpas used supplementary oxygen while Txikon did not.

lines of gear and clothes folded on the floor.

Alex Txikon sorts out gear for his winter Annapurna team. Photo: Alex Txikon/Territorio Trail


Simone Moro has no Himalayan climbing plans this winter. “After so many winters of always going to Manaslu, I have decided to take the winter off and focus on climbing in the central Alps where I live,” Moro told ExplorersWeb when we asked him directly.

Simone looks down to the camera while standng on a steep snow slope in a sunny day.

Simone Moro attempted Pumori last month. This winter, he’ll remain at home in the Italian Alps. Photo: Simone Moro


Denis Urubko has something up his sleeve. He is combining rock climbing with specific training for an upcoming winter expedition: running uphill, getting used to cold, and carrying heavy backpacks. But he has not revealed his goal.

Last winter, Urubko climbed a new route on Pakistan’s Koshar Gang with longtime friends Anton Kravchenko, Andrew Shlyapnikov, and Max Berngard. In summer, he summited Gasherbrum I via the normal route and attempted a new route up the same peak with his wife Pipi Cardell. Pakistan could again be his winter destination.

Angela Benavides

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