Simone Moro Returns to Winter Manaslu

As climbers start revealing their winter plans, the upcoming season looks a bit like last year’s. We will have action on Manaslu and Cho Oyu, but there are some important differences.

In two weeks, Simone Moro returns to Nepal. After some initial acclimatizing in the Khumbu Valley, he will again head to winter Manaslu. He has not yet shared further details, including who will he climb with.

Simone Moro, here training near home, is off to Manaslu. Photo: Instagram


Over the last two winters, Moro has shared expedition logistics with Spain’s Alex Txikon. However, last winter, the Italian tried to remain independent from the large, diverse group outfitted by Seven Summit Treks. His team was supported by a Sherpa team and included both Alex Txikon’s group and other climbers. The clash of different plans made the atmosphere in Base Camp far from cordial, and the bad weather didn’t help. In the end, no one reached too far up the route.

This year, Txikon is also in Nepal, currently leading two trekking groups near Makalu. He’s shared no plans beyond that.

Txikon on a wooden pedestrian bridge in Nepal

Alex Txikon is currently leading a trekking group near Makalu. Photo: Alex Txikon/Facebook


Who’s on Cho Oyu?

As in 2021-22, Gelje Sherpa is on his way to Cho Oyu‘s South Face, determined to open a new commercial route on the Nepali side of the mountain. Kristin Harila and Adriana Brownlee are on the team too. Combatting winter cold and the much higher technical difficulty will be no easy task. Strong winds have thwarted Gelje’s two previous attempts.

Seven Summit Treks is outfitting both teams. According to Harila, a small team of Sherpas will provide more needed manpower. They will fly to Lukla on Monday and start trekking to Cho Oyu right away, so they may start climbing before calendar winter.

Kristin Harila, left, and Adriana Brownlee today in Kathmandu. Photo: Pasang Sherpa/Seven Summit Treks


Jost Kobusch won’t be returning to Everest this winter. The German climber told ExplorersWeb last month that instead, he will make a solo winter attempt on Denali via the West Ridge.

There was another remarkable team last year: David Goettler and Herve Barmasse attempted the Schell route on Nanga Parbat‘s Rupal Face. There is still no news about their current winter plans.

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