World First expedition on the Bolivian Salt Flats succeeded on second attempt.

Adventurer succeeds to become the first person to walk unsupported across the largest salt flats on earth.

Uyuni, Bolivia. Early October, Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke trekked in 7 days the 250km distance from North to South joining the village of Sabaya to the town of Uyuni in Bolivia. He crossed successively the salt flats Salar de Coipasa and Salar de Uyuni.

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat area in the world. Salar de Coipasa is its little brother north. Indeed, these 2 salars come from the same Lake Tauca that dried up 12000 years ago. It does make sense to cross these 2 salars as they are in fact the same Salar separated by a small mountain range.

LP Loncke made a first attempt in 2013 with a 56kg backpack at the start including 34 liters of water. He used neither a satphone nor a distress beacon. The average altitude is 3700m. He had to abandon as he had only 4,5 liters water remaining for the 90km left.

In October 2016, he succeeded starting with a 43kg pack including 30 liters of water. Still no communications and this time he took no stove and gas to save weight. Temperatures were from 0°C to 19°C but with the direct sun and indirect sun reflecting the white surface, it can feel to up to 40°C.

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