180s American Wool Ear Muffs: Cozy Cranial Cavities

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When winter strikes we know to protect our bodies with coats and our necks with scarves, but what about our ears? Ear warmers are critical for keeping your ears warm during cold weather or while skiing, running, and more. Recently, I tested the 180s American Wool Ear Muffs in the Pacific Northwest winter and walked away a huge fan.

The 180s American Wool behind-the-ear ear warmers are a warm, comfortable ear muff that boasts a low profile and an easy-to-use click-to-fit frame. The behind-the-ear design saves you from hat hair and stays low profile for everyday wear.

180s American Wool Ear Muffs

Testing & review: Impressive warmth and staying power

I tried out these 180s American Wool ear-warmers for runs, skiing, and other activities. The Sherpa fleece lining with Primaloft and wool shell makes this product so incredibly warm that my ears often overheated, which speaks volumes about the warming ability loaded into such a small package.

I wore them on snowy Mount Hood, where the temperature was in the 20°F range. There I used them while walking around the historic Timberline Lodge and sledding down a hill. I have a lot of hair, and when it was down, it was hard even to see the ear warmers frame, which meant they were secure against my head. Even when flying off the sled after hitting a bump, these earmuffs only slightly moved. I was genuinely impressed by their staying power, which is enhanced by the snap-to-fit band that adjusts by either pulling or pushing on the band.

Collapsible and portable

One of the best features of the 180s is portability. The earmuffs collapsed easily, which made them compact and easy to take anywhere. The ear warmers ended up in pockets, the side of the car door, a car center console, and a backpack or two. The earpieces stack in front of the band and allow them to tuck down compactly enough anywhere, including an already full bag.

180s American Wool Ear Muffs

180s American Wool Ear Muffs buy

To purchase the 180s American Wool Winter Ear Muffs, hit the button below, where you can get a pair in seven different colors.

My favorite style was the brown wool herringbone; I found it matched well with my outfits, and I enjoyed the herringbone pattern as it was discreet while remaining classically stylish. These ear warmers boast an MSRP of $35, but you can often find them for less through 180s partners.

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