Follow Live: Operation IceBridge Final Flight


Final science flight of the 2016 Antarctic campaign

IceBridge will attempt the final science flight of the 2016 Antarctic campaign today! You can follow along here (tracker).

Watch live video on their Facebook page. Latest live video showed plane’s departure from Punta Arenas.


Using a fleet of research aircraft, NASA’s Operation IceBridge images Earth’s polar ice to better understand connections between polar regions and the global climate system. IceBridge studies annual changes in thickness of sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets. ICEBridge bridges the gap between the ICESat missions.

Previous on Explorersweb:

New ice-free map of Antarctica (with IceBridge data)


IceBridge completed a successful Hamilton Line East mission November 16 over the South Pole and around half of the 88 degree South circle. This flight’s purpose is to sample the surface topography at the southern apex of half of all planned ICESat-2 orbits. Location:Antarctica Source:NASA Operation IceBridge

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