Colibasanu Still Stranded in Kathmandu

Horia Colibasanu kills time on his hotel terrace in Kathmandu. Photo: Horia Colibasanu

In the last few days, some of the last tourists have managed to escape Kathmandu. Others patiently bide their time.

Peter Hamor managed to squeeze onto an overloaded plane to the Czech Republic. He now has to find his way home to Slovakia from there. Horia Colibasanu of Romania, however, still waits in Kathmandu for an exit opportunity. Earlier today, he packed some essential gear (mainly electronics) into a small backpack and tried to join a German group bound for Frankfurt. A long line of would-be passengers, most of whom sported heavy backpacks, waited for the same flight.

Foreign tourists stand in line, hoping to be evacuated in a German plane. The waiting list for the flight totaled 130 people. Photo: Horia Colibasanu

Ultimately, he didn’t get on the plane, but the operator had some good news for him. He managed to get his name on a waiting list and was told that he will “probably” get out Wednesday.

This is not the first world event that the apparently star-crossed Colibasanu has experienced in the greater ranges. “I got caught the Maoist insurgency in 2006 and the riots in 2010 when the king was overthrown,” he recalled. “I had to walk 30km to the airport. In 2015, I miraculously escaped the earthquake because I left the day before, after Peter had an accident.”

Colibasanu was in Pakistan during local riots and tense nights on the Karakorum Highway, when groups were at risk of being stopped at machine-gun point. “But nothing was like the return from an attempt on K2 with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner in 2004,” he said. “Coughing and defeated after almost three months of adventure, I managed to miss my connection in Dubai and stayed at the airport for three days, heroically surviving on biscuits and Cola.”

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Angela Benavides

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This Guy is a real adventurer!

Navyo Eller
There are some real flaws in the article. 2006 the Maoists ended there “people’s war” The monarchy was overthrown in 2006 The monarchy was abolished in 2008 Why needed to walk 30 km the day before the earthquake 2015. There was no strike, nothing. The roads where mostly fine even immediately after the quake. Very strange this account of the events. I do not recall anything special during 2010… surely nothing like overthrowing of the king… Happend 2 years before…. peacefully the king left Narayanhiti Palace. I need also to clear that I was present all the events recalled. I… Read more »
Yam Gurung

It is very unfortunate and very sad to say that our beautiful “Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal” was never been govern by the will of the puppet, incompetent and corrupt regime’s of Nepal?
I am former Gurkha and from the martial race still struggling hard to find our “STATUS” in home and abroad?
Nepal is one of the nature wonder of the world. But the corrupt regime’s have indeed created a toxic environment for the citizens and others?
Insecurity, pollution, poor sanitation, inadequate basic drinking water, inflation,(nepotism) unemployment etc???….