Women’s Pennine Way Record Shattered

On August 17, 2021, veteran endurance runner Anna Troup of Henley, England staked a new record time for women on the Pennine Way. Troup knocked out the 435km trek in 72:46:37, a little over three days. In doing so, Troup secured the grail from the previous title holder, Sabrina Verjee, with 1.5 hours to spare.

Troup’s Pennine Way Record

Troup takes a rest break on the Pennine Way trek

Troup and support team during a pitstop. Photo: Sharon Dyson/Twitter


Troup had that new record in mind when she set off from Edale on August 14. The ultra runner adhered to strict arrival and departure times at each pitstop along the way — at first.

But in the early hours of Tuesday, August 16, Troup’s actual time began to trail behind target, owing to a bout of illness and an essential 40-minute nap near the third and fourth stops of her trip. At Byrness, Troup’s actual time lagged one and a half hours behind her stretch target. By 7 am, she was a full 2 hours and 4 minutes off.

But perseverance prevailed in the last two stops. Sources say that Troup “stormed down” the Cheviot Summit section and picked up speed throughout her descent.

Section of Pennine Way near Hadrian's Wall.

Section of Pennine Way near Hadrian’s Wall. Photo: Dave Head/Shutterstock


Troup’s latest achievement improves upon her personal Pennine Way best by a substantial margin. Just six weeks ago, Troup completed the route in 80:28:35. This week’s victory bests that June time by nearly 7 hours and 42 minutes.

She joins fellow Briton John Kelley, who reclaimed the men’s Pennine Way FKT last May with a searing time of 64:40. For additional information and shots from Troup’s Pennine Way effort, look to her IG.