Annapurna Summit Push Thwarted, Climbers Back in Base Camp (Updated)

Weather window wasn’t good enough for summit, this time.

Weather window on Annapurna wasn’t good enough for summit, this time. A few climbers launched summit-bid from C4 (7000m) last night, but strong wind forced them to turn back at around 7800m (updated as per summit push team reports). Everyone is safely back in BC now. While some teams are winding-up their expeditions, majority of climbers will wait for another summit window. With four camps fully equipped and route already opened till above C4, they will be having a better chance to reach the top.

Nasty Winds

American climber Matt Du Puy, who was apparently in C4 last night but didn’t go for summit, messaged this morning, “Nasty winds all night. Those that attempted summit push starting last night have already turned around. Forecast is for more of the same. Headed down.”

He checked in again at around 2:45PM local time, but from BC. “Those that went for the summit today and turned around this AM due to high winds are all accounted for and on their way back to BC. A few are leaving but most of us feel strong and have well supplied camps now. We’ll see if we get a window next week.”

Summit Attempt

Bulgarian Atanas Skatov switched on his tracker at 1am local time, seemingly right before leaving for the summit. Together with Jost Kobusch and David Klein, he reached around 7800m (updated: previous version of the story mentioned 7400m), but then started the descent. Strong wind and cold must have made the ascent impossible.

David Klein called his home team this afternoon. The Hungarian climber says that he will rest/recover and would want to make another attempt.

Read full summit attempt details from Chris Burke, Matt Du Puy and Atanas Skatov.