Antarctic helicopter pilot dies of injuries after crevasse fall

A helicopter pilot critically injured in Antarctica on Monday (Jan.11) when he fell 20 metres down a crevasse has died.

(By ABC News) Canadian David Wood, 62, was working as a contractor with the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) program at Davis Research Station.

Key points:

Chopper pilot David Wood falls into crevasse in Antarctica

He is rescued and taken to Davis Station with critical injuries

Mr Wood dies at the base

He was in one of two helicopters which had landed on a remote West Ice Shelf late on Monday to offload fuel drums.

After disembarking, he walked away from his helicopter and fell down the crevasse.

He was left trapped for more than two hours as the other pilot flew back to Davis Station, 90 nautical miles away, to get help, AAD director Nick Gales said.

He was later winched to safety in a critical condition and taken to Davis station’s medical facility, where an evacuation to mainland Australia was being considered for Wednesday, weather permitting.

But in a statement on Tuesday night Dr Gales said Mr Wood had died.o

He said the AAD was in regular contact with Mr Wood’s family and would work to return his body to Australia “at the earliest opportunity”.

Mr Wood had more than 30 years experience as a pilot and had worked in both the Antarctic and Arctic, Dr Gales said.

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