Atlantic Rower Richard Allen arrives in Guyana

Former British Commando Richard Allen arrived in Georgetown, Guyana this week to complete his solo row across the Atlantic Ocean.

Allen set out from Sierra Leone, West Africa on December 14 in his 7.3m carbon boat, Tamu’kke, and arrived in Georgetown on March 1, completing a 5,000km row.

The route Allen took had never previously been attempted because it takes in the doldrums, a low-pressure area around the equator west of Sierra Leone where winds are calm. Most rowers prefer to catch an assist from tailing winds.

Allen is welcomed in Guyana by his mother, Sheila, and the Founder of the Guyana Foundation, Supriya Singh-Bodden. Photo: The Guyana Foundation

Allen told the Guyana Chronicle that the most difficult part was the heat. “Basically, I was trying hard to prevent a heat stroke half of the time. The rest was a bit boring, I’ve got to admit,” he said.

The purpose of Allen’s project was to increase awareness of the Commonwealth and to raise funds for charities and foundations operating within the Commonwealth.

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