Kristine De Abreu

Kristine De Abreu

Title: Writer
Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


  • Topics of Expertise: Science, Mysteries, History
  • Years in This Expertise: 4+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s of English and History, University of Leicester
  • Years of Writing: 4+
  • Previous Publications: Caribbean Beat Magazine

A Word from Kristine de Abreu

  • Why Author Chose This Career: I am living out my passion for writing and adventure. It is the best of both worlds.
  • How Author Began Career: I found ExplorersWeb through the British College of Journalism in the UK. Normally, I scroll past such postings, but curiosity got the better of me.
  • Personal Interests: Hiking, Lord of the Rings, cats, literature, mysteries
liquid mercury spilling on table

Exploration Mysteries: Mercury Rivers

Today, we know that mercury is one of the...
layers of the earth

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

In the 1950s and 1960s, the U.S. and the...
long, skinny, tendril-like siphonophore.

Natural Wonders: The Longest Animal in the World

In 2020, marine scientists from the Schmidt Ocean Institute...
A portrait of Cherokee polymath Sequoyah showing his Cherokee alphabet

Exploration Mysteries: The Disappearance of Sequoyah

Sequoyah, also known as George Gist (or Guess), was...
a brown, curved tidal bore

Natural Wonders: What is a Tidal Bore?

A tidal bore is a wall of water that...
Nefertiti's bust

Find of the Century: Queen Nefertiti’s Long-Lost Tomb Discovered

Archaeologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs...
rubber stamp that says Fake

Why Did They Do It? Six Archaeological Forgeries and the People Behind Them

Exploration has always attracted a certain amount of fraud....

Great Explorers: Oscar Eckenstein

Born in 1859, English engineer and mountaineer Oscar Eckenstein...
A vintage trading card of Captain Misson

Exploration Mysteries: Libertatia

In the 17th century, word spread of a pirate...
An illustration of a sunken city. A huge statue holding a trident lies on the sea bed with a ruined building in the distance.

The Real Atlantises: Seven Sunken Cities From Around the World

Film, television, music, and literature have explored the legend...

Natural Wonders: Will-o’-the-Wisp

The will-o'-the-wisp is a strange atmospheric light phenomenon seen...
Deserted remains including a possible mosque

Khara-Khoto: Lost City of the Gobi Desert

Khara-Khoto, or the 'Black City', sits mostly forgotten in...
The sun sets over Alaskan mountains, making a beautiful orange glow.

Exploration Mysteries: Alaskan Disappearances

Alaska has the highest rate of disappearances in the...

Tragedy in the Andes: 3 Dead, 12 Injured

On Saturday at 9:30 am, 15 climbers fell 60m...
GArdner walking under a phalanx of hiking poles

He’s Done It: 82-year-old Nick Gardner Completes Scotland’s 282 Munros

Yesterday afternoon, 82-year-old Nick Gardner finished climbing the last...
cave with door on cliff

Exploration Mysteries: Kapilikaya Rock Tomb

Deep in the mountains of Turkey's Çorum province, an...

Great Explorers: Peter Aufschnaiter, the Other Austrian in ‘Seven Years in Tibet’

Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer's travel classic, Seven Years in...
An illustration of three sail boats with West-African patterned sails.

Exploration Mysteries: An Early African Voyage to the Americas?

Fourteenth-century Malian ruler Mansa Musa was possibly the richest...
a puddle of red rain

Natural Wonders: Red Rain

Red rain, also known as blood rain, looks downright...
Harold Bell Lasseter in a military uniform

Exploration Mysteries: Lasseter’s Reef

Harold Bell Lasseter was an odd character. People described...
Earth viewed from the moon. The earth is visible over the horizon.

Should We Create a Permanent Base On The Moon?

With renewed interest in space exploration, there is talk...

Apocalypse Then: The Volcanic Winter of 536AD

It is easy for us to believe that 2020...

Great Survival Stories: A Broken Leg in the Australian Bush

Neil Parker was a seasoned bushwalker and an active...
Morocco's Atlas Mountains on a clear day. The tops are snow-capped.

Ancient Expeditions into Africa

The earliest European exploration of Africa took place thousands...

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