Kristine De Abreu

Kristine De Abreu

Title: Writer
Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


  • Topics of Expertise: Science, Mysteries, History
  • Years in This Expertise: 4+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s of English and History, University of Leicester
  • Years of Writing: 4+
  • Previous Publications: Caribbean Beat Magazine

A Word from Kristine de Abreu

  • Why Author Chose This Career: I am living out my passion for writing and adventure. It is the best of both worlds.
  • How Author Began Career: I found ExplorersWeb through the British College of Journalism in the UK. Normally, I scroll past such postings, but curiosity got the better of me.
  • Personal Interests: Hiking, Lord of the Rings, cats, literature, mysteries

Exploration Mysteries: Marree Man

While flying between the Outback towns of Marree and...
dark lighthouse

The Loneliest Lighthouses in the World

While lighthouse keeping has become an all-but-extinct job, many...
ship stuck in ice

Exploration Mysteries: The SS Baychimo, 38 Years as a Ghost Ship

The SS Baychimo began as an ordinary cargo ship....
A submarine in choppy waters, with crew on deck

Exploration Mysteries: 1968 Submarine Disappearances

Writer Ian Fleming put it this way: "Once is...
fanny bullock workman

Great Explorers: Fanny Bullock Workman

In honor of International Women’s Day, we explore the...
An artists imagining of Roman soldiers marching to battle.

Exploration Mysteries: Disappearance of the Ninth Legion

The Ninth Roman Legion, or Legio IX Hispana, was...
A young man 'talking' in different languages, represented by different countries' flags.

From Esperanto to ‘Clicks’: Getting to Know Some of Our World’s Lesser Known Languages

The nearly eight billion people in the world speak...
castle in the desert

Exploration Mysteries: Ksar Draa

Recently, a spectacular image of a castle-like structure standing...
boneyard planes

Transport Cemeteries: Where Machines Go to Die

Where do machines go to die? Much like humans,...
anglerfish female and male

Anglerfish and Their Weird Mating Habits

In the deep sea, anglerfish reign supreme. These demons...
dark forest

A Guide to Caribbean Folklore

Having grown up in the Caribbean, I was not...
deflated balloon

A Little-Known Hoax Around Andree’s Arctic Balloon Expedition

In 1897, mechanical engineer and pioneering Swedish balloonist Salomon...
treasure chest with gold coins

The World’s Most Valuable Buried Treasures: Their Value and How They Were Discovered

We explore some of the most valuable treasure hoards...
book cover

Lobsang Rampa: The British Plumber Who Claimed to be a Tibetan Monk

Lobsang Rampa became a wildly popular author in the...
Glowworm caves

Natural Wonders: Glowworm Caves

In caves throughout New Zealand and Australia, you can...
war memorial

War Tourism: From the Crass Selfie to the ‘Never Again’ Lesson

"War" and "tourism" are two opposing forces that are...
Olivier Levasseur

Exploration Mysteries: The Treasure of Olivier Levasseur

The Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1730) was a tumultuous...
elephant eggs in museum

Natural Wonders: The Largest Egg Ever Laid

Before emus, ostriches, and kiwis, there were elephant birds....

Exploration Mysteries: Phantom Islands

Can an island be “undiscovered?” Apparently, it can. Throughout...
mushroom cloud

Visit Sunny Chernobyl: The Fad of Atomic Tourism

One of the newest forms of travel, atomic or...
man falling

Sam Patch, America’s First Daredevil

The term daredevil calls to mind a crazy stuntman...
sign post

The Push to Extend the Appalachian Trail to Europe and Africa

When we think of the Appalachian Trail, we tend...

Great Expeditions: Orellana’s Navigation of the Amazon

Conquistador Francisco de Orellana lived in the shadow of...
eye and lake

Natural Wonders: El Ojo

When you type in the coordinates 34°15’07.8" S by...

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