Kristine De Abreu

Kristine De Abreu

Title: Writer
Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


  • Topics of Expertise: Science, Mysteries, History
  • Years in This Expertise: 4+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s of English and History, University of Leicester
  • Years of Writing: 4+
  • Previous Publications: Caribbean Beat Magazine

A Word from Kristine de Abreu

  • Why Author Chose This Career: I am living out my passion for writing and adventure. It is the best of both worlds.
  • How Author Began Career: I found ExplorersWeb through the British College of Journalism in the UK. Normally, I scroll past such postings, but curiosity got the better of me.
  • Personal Interests: Hiking, Lord of the Rings, cats, literature, mysteries
Takakia moss

Natural Wonders: The World’s Oldest Moss

Eons ago, Earth experienced a succession of chaotic events:...
pigeons with cameras

Pioneers of Aerial Photography

Before epic drone shots and NASA satellite images, aerial...
tree trunks joined

Natural Wonders: When Trees Fuse and Flourish as One

Ecologist Suzanne Simard famously says that trees are "social...
rocks on cliff side

Natural Wonders: China’s Egg-Laying Cliff

For centuries, the Sui people of China’s Guizhou province...
Annie Londonderry

Great Explorers: Annie Londonderry

Fifteen months. $10,000. A bicycle and a woman's determination....
illustration of lost city under ocean

Exploration Mysteries: Lemuria

I first heard of the name Lemuria from Ray...
planets crashing

Exploration Mysteries: Theia Impact

Almost since the beginning of the solar system, Earth...
Rugby, North Dakota was the first center of North America but lost its crown.

Another Geographical Center, Another Bitter Fight: Three Small Towns Battle It Out

What is the geographical center of North America? The...
extinct goat

Natural Wonders: Why Are There no Cold-Blooded Mammals?

We divide the animal kingdom into two camps: warm-blooded...

Great Explorers: P. G. Downes

The Second World War had begun, and P.G. Downes...

China vs Russia: The Modern Battle Over The Geographical Center of Asia

The geographical center of a place refers to the...

Exploration Mysteries: Shambhala

It has many names -- Shangri-La, Eden, The Land...
rainbow eucalyptus

Natural Wonders: Rainbow Eucalyptus

No, it is not Photoshopped. The rainbow eucalyptus's bark...
Noah's ark

Exploration Mysteries: Noah’s Ark

It was one of the first stories I ever...
Mina Hubbard in winter

Legends Series: Mina Hubbard

Early in the 20th century, Labrador was a nearly...
Fiona the ewe

After Two Years, ‘Britain’s Loneliest Sheep’ Finally Rescued

In the UK, a very lonely ewe named Fiona...
nebula hand

More Ghostly Halloween Images from NASA

Outer space is the gift that keeps on giving,...
motorcycle sisters

Legends Series: Van Buren Sisters

It is 1916. Two motorcycles roar down 8,850km of...
valley and mountains

Exploration Mysteries: Parvati Valley Disappearances

With its natural beauty and Lost Horizon feel that...

Exploration Mysteries: Boötes Void

While researching the Boötes Void, I came across the...

Spooky Face on Jupiter Emerges in Time for Halloween

A grotesque face peered up at the Juno Mission...
Kirke on a bridge

Pioneer Bungee Jumper David Kirke Dies

The father of recreational bungee jumping, David Kirke, has...
Komi people on reindeer sleds.

Weekend Warm-Up: Nomads From The Arctic Circle

Instant gratification and instant connection are all that many...
Tomoe Gozen

Legends Series: Tomoe Gozen

In feudal Japan, some Japanese women were fierce warriors...

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