Avalanche Hits Sherpas on Dhaulagiri

An avalanche on Dhaulagiri has hit a team of seven Sherpas. Search operations are ongoing, but currently one man, Dawa Geljen Sherpa, remains unaccounted for.

The group from Seven Summits Treks was fixing the route between Camp 2 and Camp 3 on September 19 when a snow slab beneath them came loose.

Dhaulagiri from the west. The standard route is on the left-hand side, along the skyline. Photo: Meroi-Benet Collection

Carlos Soria encountered the aftermath of the accident as he descended from an acclimatization climb yesterday. He reports that the six survivors were able to return to Base Camp under their own power, but that no sign of Dawa Geljen has been found. A helicopter is aiding the searchers.