Bad Weather Hampers Boyan Petrov Rescuers

Photo: Boyan Petrov

Bulgarian climber Boyan Petrov has been missing since May 3 while trying to summit Shishapangma, alone and without supplemental oxygen. He is believed to have been climbing without a satellite phone or a radio.

Since he was reported missing, bad weather has repeatedly delayed search and rescue operations. Petrov was last seen, by telescope, approaching Camp 3 at approximately 7,300m. Rescue teams on the mountain have been forced to wait for the weather to improve.

Chinese authorities have authorized a helicopter search, but high winds on the mountain have likewise hampered this resource.

Update: On 11 May two rescue helicopters from the Simrik Air rescue agency have been deployed to Shishapangma Base Camp from Kathmandu.

Petrov’s wife, Radoslava Nenova, has set up a fundraising page to aid the search for her husband.

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Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh is a freelance writer and wildlife photographer based in Da Lat, Vietnam.

A history graduate from the University of Nottingham, Martin's career arc is something of a smörgåsbord. A largely unsuccessful basketball coach in Zimbabwe and the Indian Himalaya, a reluctant business lobbyist in London, and an interior design project manager in Saigon.

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His areas of expertise include adventure travel, hiking, wildlife, and half-forgotten early 2000s indie-rock bands.

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3 years ago

I am afraid none was on the route the past couple of days, and they never reached Camp 2. On the first day a team managed to reach Camp 1, but this is not confirmed as well. They were able to observe Camp 1 for sure, and didn’t spot movement there, the team returned to BC. That was on May 8th. Nobody was able to move higher on 9th and 10th.
Two helis from Nepal should be on their way today, if the weather allows.

3 years ago
Reply to  Lucy Stamenova

I agree with you.
I am also afraid of that. Hope heli can fly.

3 years ago
Reply to  Judau

3 Helis from Simrik Air have reached Shisha BC. We are waiting for some news at last.

3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Walsh

unfortunately most of the Bulgarian news websites are not that reliable, they trend to interpret the news, searching for a sensation and its hard to distinguish what’s real and whats just fantasy. You can try the Bulgarian national radio as a source:

Today’s news: helis are on the ground near BC, waiting for the winds to calm down. Rescuers that include Chinese team of 6, Sherpas and expedition members are on the slopes, we hope they will reach C2.