Boyan Petrov Missing on Shishapangma

Photo: Boyan Petrov

Boyan Petrov has officially been declared missing on Shishapangma after setting off solo for the summit on April 29.

Petrov is aiming to summit three 8,000m peaks this year, starting with Shishapangma, before moving on to Everest later this spring and then Cho Oyu in the autumn. He has already climbed ten 8,000m peaks, all without supplemental oxygen.

KaliFa, a sponsor for another climbing expedition on Shishapangma, has reported that Petrov had nearly climbed with a member of their team, David Klein, before electing to go on alone:

“The solo climb was close to his heart and he had further plans for the spring season, so, if possible, he wanted to get to the top early.”

However, in worrying news relayed by an unnamed Ukrainian climber, his tent was found half open near Camp 3 on May 5. His sleeping bag was still inside and covered in snow. Petrov had “almost certainly” been seen by telescope from Base Camp on May 3, at roughly the same altitude as Camp 3 (approximately 7,300m).

Petrov’s family has been informed.

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