Get Down And Dirty With The Best Muck Boots

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Boots come a dime a dozen, but they don’t always pack the power you need, especially when your day is…mucky.

Having lived and worked on a farm in the Pacific Northwest for over a year, I know about muck of all kinds and how critical muck boots are to stay at least somewhat clean. If you’re on a farm, in the mud, or even in wet conditions, a muck boot is an important piece of gear to keep you moving.

Most budget-friendly: Western Chief Printed Tall Waterproof Rain Boots

western chief printed tall waterproof rain boots

  • Waterproof rubber rain boots
  • Adjustable collar
  • Removable EVA insoles
  • Poly-cotton lining for warmth and comfort
  • Model: 2100727P
  • Weight 1.63lbs


  • Waterproof and relatively comfy, great for all kinds of outdoor work
  • The adjustable collar helps keep the muck out
  • Slip-resistant with an aggressive sole


  • Not warm enough for winter
  • Not tall enough for deep muck

When I lived on a farm, most of my muckiest jobs involved the barn where the chickens and sheep live or the large pasture with the alpacas and llamas. But if you know anything about the Pacific Northwest, it’s rainy for about six months of the year. And where there is rain, there is mud and muck. The Western Chief Printed Tall Waterproof Rain Boots were my go-to spring, summer, and fall boot. They are budget-friendly and don’t insulate well enough for winter but held up well for eight months of everyday use.

I mostly used these boots for feeding the animals, getting hay down from the barn loft, and searching the barn for eggs because the chickens refuse to lay in their nesting boxes. I like a taller boot for in-pasture jobs and winter use due to the sheer density of mud, but these shorter boots did well. They’re waterproof, have a poly-cotton lining, and are pretty comfy too. One of the best Muck boots in this price range.

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Best for icy conditions: Muck Boot Arctic Sport Winter Boot

muck boot arctic sport winter boot

  • 1.25in heel provides added stability in snow
  • Removable rubber insole
  • Includes EVA footbed for stability and comfort
  • Fleece-lined, waterproof design
  • Model: ASP-000A
  • Weight: 6.7lbs


  • Neoprene interior wicks sweat while preventing blisters and calluses
  • 100% waterproof from the cuff to the toe reinforced toe box


  • You can feel the crease against your shins while walking
  • Interior doesn’t hold heat as well as advertised, partially due to loose collar

While Arctic Sport boots are winterized to give you a better footing in snowy and icy conditions, they primarily function as a highly water-resistant work boot. From the 100% waterproof rating from calf to toe, to the neoprene interior (which wicks away sweat), you’ll be kept dry.

One thing to note is the temperature rating. You can use these on light winter days, but don’t go hiking or trekking into below zero temperatures with these. The lining doesn’t retain your body heat too well. On top of that, you can feel the creases where the ankle cuff meets the black extension. It’s not terribly inconvenient when you have thermals on, but if you’re dealing with shorter socks, it’s mildly irritating. Despite those flaws, you’ll be walking on a durable EVA footbed to maintain your stability, which offers excellent support throughout the day. There is a removable rubber insole for cleaning, excellent traction in slippery conditions, and a one-year warranty on all Muck products.

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Best for hunting: Muck Pro Arctic Hunting Boot

muck pro arctic hunting boot

  • Thermal foam underlay for maximum heat retention
  • Cushioning EVA midsole, rugged Bob Tracker outsole
  • Molded outsole offers stronger support
  • Fleece-lined with 100% waterproof shaft and upper
  • Model: Arctic Pro-U
  • Weight: 3.6lbs


  • Excellent stability through the double reinforcements in three areas
  • Very warm, ideal for hunting and fishing in cold weather


  • Synthetic and fabric construction is slightly less durable than rubber
  • Rear pull-loop is hardly helpful

No more floppy hunting boots. Even when you kick these off, these men’s muck boots are not going to lose their shape. Muck’s Arctic Hunting boot has a 2mm foam lining underfoot for increased warmth, complemented by the soft fleece lining along the interior. The 8mm neoprene material construction runs the entire length of the boot, keeping you dry and warm while creating stability.

For additional comfort and support for big days while out hunting, the lightweight EVA midsole provides cushioning, while the aggressive Bob Tracker outsole provides traction and durability on uneven terrain. These boots stand 17in tall and feature a pull-on tab at the top for easy entry. They’re perfect for keeping your feet warm in extreme cold while offering exceptional support for long days.

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Best for gardening: Muck Muckster Garden Boots

muck muckster garden boots

  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Shock-absorbing tread and heel
  • Durable nylon pull-on loop
  • Waterproof design with 4mm neoprene insulation
  • Model: Muckster II Ankle-M
  • Weight: 4lbs


  • Removable rubber insole comes out for cleaning, slides back in perfectly
  • Comfortable cuff with a bit of stretch to slip these on easily


  • Your comfort greatly diminishes if it’s over 70°F outside
  • Upper is fairly aggravating to clean dirt out of

Muck doesn’t just make work boots, they’re also helping you get things done in the garden and around your home so you can get the same original Muck boot company quality even if you aren’t out in the field all day. The Muck Muckster Garden Boots are part of the brand’s inexpensive lineup of boots for the average person and part-time mucker. It turns out, you don’t have to auction off your firstborn to get a quality work boot with high-quality features.

These men’s muck boots feature a comfortable footbed that offers excellent support, and a breathable air mesh lining to provide breathability in spring and summer weather. These work wonderfully even in subfreezing temperatures, but it’s when you hit the other end of the thermostat that you run into problems. The upper is waterproof, but when dirt sticks to it, it really sticks to it and makes cleaning a bit of a chore. But muck boots are made for muck, right? With all that aside, you still get excellent shock absorption through the treads and heel, a reinforced toe box, and a durable nylon pull-on loop that makes slipping into these simple.

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Best chore boot: Muck Chore Classic Rubber Work Boots

muck chore classic rubber work boots

  • Completely waterproof work boots with 12-inch heel
  • Deep treads help grip onto the rock, dirt, and snow
  • Airmesh lining helps reduce the growth of foot fungus and odors
  • Steel shank, triple toe, and quadruple rubber heel for maximum support
  • Model: CHM-000A
  • Weight: 6.4lbs


  • Air-mesh lining wicks away sweat and keeps everything breathable
  • Sturdy, comfortable boots that are easy to clean, inside and out


  • Can get very heavy on your feet
  • The Chore boot tends to have sizing difficulties (both running larger and smaller)

Muck knocked it out of the park with the Muck Chore Classic Rubber Work Boots. The Chore boots are more breathable than their full rubber counterparts thanks to the neoprene upper on the calf section of the boot. Don’t fret though, there is still full waterproofing up to the ankle.

Deep treads on the bottom help you conquer stone, dirt, and even snow. If it’s January and you’re shoveling snow, you’ll be happy to know that these have a neoprene interior. Ultra-soft, sweat-wicking neoprene offers immense comfort, while the air mesh technology keeps everything aerated. No fungal growth, and minimal odor when you kick these off. The downsides of the Chore is that they can be very heavy on your feet and the sizing can be a bit off.

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Best in snow: Muck Arctic Pro Snow Boots

muck arctic pro snow boots

  • High-grade rubber, 100% waterproof from top to bottom
  • Cushioning EVA midsole, aggressive Bob Tracker outsole
  • Soft, durable fleece lining
  • Durable nylon pull-on loop
  • Model: Arctic Pro-M
  • Weight: 2.6lbs


  • Fleece-lined for heat retention
  • Topline is extremely comfortable, even when directly against your skin
  • Built for extreme subzero temperatures, ideal for hunting on rainy, snowy days


  • Neoprene is excellent but does not run all the way through
  • Collar is known to get ratty after a couple years of use

Muck is your go-to for keeping your feet warm and supported throughout those snowy months no matter where you live. These Arctic Pro snow boots allow you to trudge through -60°F conditions while retaining heat. With a fleece lining and neoprene interior, heat is retained throughout the calf and down into the EVA midsole. We do recommend a tall sock though as the interior and lip of the boot can rub sensitive skin.

After about two years of use, this cold weather hunting boot is prone to getting a bit worn down, while the other areas of the boot hold up just fine. This might require a bit of DIY, but even so, it doesn’t impede the heat retention capabilities. Fully waterproof, designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and easy to slip on with the nylon pull-on loop, overall these men’s muck boots are perfect for winter snow and hunting. A great snow boot by all accounts.

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Best tall boot: Muck MuckMaster Hi-Cut Boots

muck muckmaster hi-cut boots

  • EVA contoured midsole for comfort and stability
  • Waterproof boot with removable rubber insole
  • Air-mesh lining keeps everything dry
  • Able to retain heat up to -20°F in winter conditions
  • Model: Muckmaster
  • Weight: 6.5lbs


  • Super-tall boot for super-mucky situations, great for farmers and landscapers
  • Fantastic traction thanks to the multifaceted use of grips on the bottom


  • Neoprene lining is great, but it runs too thin to make this super comfortable
  • Pull-on loop is essentially just a cosmetic feature

Do you want to master the muck? Then the MuckMaster Hi-Cut boots that come in a 15” hi-cut design are for you. For one, even though these aren’t designed for winter use, you’ll still feel heat retention in temperatures as low as -20°F. Apart from that, the EVA midsole keeps you plenty supported and mighty comfortable through the messiest of situations and long workdays.

While the neoprene and collar aren’t too comfortable on bare skin, a tall sock is all you need to fix that issue. This entire muck boot is built for choring, mud, and muck in any season except for deep winter. This is because while pretty warm and comfortable, the boot is not lined with fleece; instead, it sports breathable air-mesh lining that will help wick away any sweat or humidity. Perfect for spring, summer, and fall, but not ideal for winter.

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Best steel toe: Muck Chore Steel Toe Work Boot

muck chore steel toe work boot

  • Steel shank and toe cap for shock absorption
  • Waterproof construction with a cooling liner
  • Spandura treatment for stretchy abrasion resistance
  • Recommended temperature is 40°F to 95°F
  • Model: Chore Cool-U
  • Weight: 2lbs


  • Ultra-reinforced rubber heel keeps you stable, even with the added weight of the steel toe
  • Spandura keeps these flexible during movement and slipping them on and off
  • Very comfortable yet shock-absorbing


  • Customers who’ve worn Muck boots for over six months everyday report needing new insoles
  • These are not suitable for harsh winter conditions

Muck’s Chore lineup (possibly their most successful lineup) is back with some added power. The only downside is you can work in temps up to 95°F in these, but nothing below 40°F. The good news, this is a nearly year-round work boot in many parts of the country. And best of all? It comes with a steel toe that helps protect from impacts from the front or above, making it perfect for hard work.

With a fully waterproof construction and 4mm neoprene that provides comfort and flexibility, this is the ultimate outdoor boot. The neoprene lining is wafer-thin but still good for wicking away sweat. One of the best aspects of the Chore Steel Toe edition is the Spardura addition in the rubber exterior. These stay flexible for work, but also make it a much easier time when you’re kicking them off at the end of the night.

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Most breathable: Muck Original Edgewater Boots

muck original edgewater boots

  • 100% CR Flex-Foam
  • Removable rubber insole
  • Completely waterproof from top to bottom
  • Slip-resistant, durable rubber outsole
  • Weight: 4.3lbs


  • Excellent temperature range, great as all-year work boots
  • One of the most lightweight and breathable waterproof boots you’ll ever wear


  • The price is a bit (too) high for the CR foam construction
  • Flexibility is at a minimum
  • No pull-on tab

This CR Flex-Foam boot is rated to last up to twice as long as rubber, while also providing a working temperature range from subfreezing up to 85°F. That’s a huge range for all-weather conditions and everyday wear.

While you have a soft lining helping you out, the only truly flexible fit comes in the stretch-fit topline. This allows you to slip these on easily, but it doesn’t help when you’re pulling them back off. But can anyone get out of tall muck boots easily? The removable rubber insole and 100% waterproof rating are excellent as well.

See Muck Original Edgewater Boots on Amazon


Best mid-height winter boot: Muck Arctic Excursion Mid-Height Boots

muck arctic excursion mid-height boots

  • Durable nylon pull-on loop, doesn’t freeze in low temperatures
  • 100% waterproof from top to bottom
  • Lined with soft, warm fleece
  • EVA midsole for lightweight support
  • Model: Arctic Excursion Mid-M
  • Weight: 3.68lbs


  • Rated for -40°F thanks to the comfortable neoprene lining
  • Flexible multifaceted tread system contours to your feet and the ground at the same time


  • The included sock liner is non-removable
  • Fleece lining is thin due to the presence of CR Flex-Foam

The Muck Arctic Excursion in mid-height comes with a CR Flex-Foam insulation system that accompanies the fleece lining. These may not be the most comfortable, but they’ll certainly help you with any job at any temperature. The non-removable sock liner also helps ensure a comfortable fit.

The real MVP feature of these quality muck boots (for both men and women) is the -40°F temperature rating. They’ll keep you warm as can be, and the rubber insole is removable to let it dry if a bit of snow manages to find its way into your boot from the cuff (they are mid-length, after all). Muck did find the best use for an EVA midsole that we’ve seen yet because they include custom treads on the bottom that breathe and contour to your foot, while also shaping to the ground. Stellar support, great grip, and a true-to-size fit.

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Why trust us

Having grown up on ranches in Texas and lived on a farm in the PNW, I’d argue that when it comes to quality footwear for working the land, I’m your person. I’ve spent much of my life doing manual labor, working with poultry and camelids, and have been through a lot of different pairs of muck boots. I usually go through at least two pairs a year.

Who this is for

This guide has a selection of boots for a variety of working folks. We have boots that will work for hunters and fishers, even in the coldest of temperatures like the Muck Boot Arctic Pro lineup. We also have classic garden shoes, options that double as rain boots, hunting boots, and work boots. If you need a pair of high-quality, heavy-duty muck boots, this guide is for you.

How we picked

Finding the best muck boot is no easy feat. Our selection of muck boots came from personal experience and testimonies. Once we got that part sorted, we looked at the best sellers and top boots from Muck, where muck boots get their name. We combed through reviews and used our team of experts and their knowledge to ensure none of the boots we pick will let you down.

How we tested

All muck boot testing for this guide occurred on a farm. I used my boots to collect chicken eggs in a messy barn, pull hay down out of the barn loft, feed alpacas in their pastures, and for everyday wear because regular shoes aren’t fit for farm life. Muck boots have the added protection of defending my calves from territorial roosters too!


Features to look for in muck boots


Most muck boots will be made with either neoprene, rubber construction, or both. Because those materials are less than comfortable, we recommend looking for a fleece or cotton liner to protect your bare skin if it rubs against the boot.


Muck boots usually run on the larger side. How fitted and comfortable your muck boot should be based on how often you are wearing them. If you’ll be out for long days in your hunting or work footwear, you need to ensure you have a comfortable boot. If you’re only in muddy terrain or briefly wearing your muck boot, then comfort and fit are less of a priority.


Your muck boots should be as tough as you are. Rubber is a very durable material while also remaining waterproof, which is why it is the top choice for muck boots or wellies. Muck, the company, offers a one-year warranty on most of its products, demonstrating its commitment.


Depending on your upcoming job, you’ll need boots of varying heights. The taller, the warmer the boot and the more protection. Ankle boots might be fine for the garden but on a farm or in the snow, you’ll want to go mid-calf or higher. My favorite boot height is to the top of my calf.


Water-resistance is a must-have in a muck boot. Whether you’re in ice, snow, or mud, you’ll be dealing with water too. All Muck boots on this list are 100% waterproof.


Muck boots need minimal maintenance other than occasional hosing to keep them clean, so as long as you choose proper rubber boots, you have nothing to worry about in this department.


Muck boot FAQ

Q: Which Muck boot is best for walking?

A: One of the biggest concerns with tall boots is the need for ankle flexibility so you can walk comfortably. The Muckster Garden boots will provide the most ankle flexibility when walking but not the same height and waterproofing as other models.

Q: What is the warmest pair of Muck boots?

A: The warmest Muck boots will be the Arctic Pro line from the Muck Boot Company. If you’re going to be in truly arctic cold weather conditions, then those are the boots for you.

Q: What Muck boot has the most insulation?

A: Similar to above, the Arctic Pro line from the Muck Boot Company has the most insulation. These neoprene boots are some of the best muck boots available and are perfect for cold weather. The boots are rated down to -60°F, meaning they are perfect for even the coldest winter conditions and snow.

Q: What are Muck boots made of?

A: Muck boots are often made of EVA rubber and neoprene. Additionally, fleece linings are common in the interior of the boot. Neoprene and rubber are the key ingredients in waterproofing Muck boots.

Q: What are the benefits of Muck boots?

A: Muck boots are excellent for dirty jobs and wet conditions. They can also protect you in snow and icy conditions. Muck boots offer warmth and waterproofing. When I worked on a farm, muck boots were my go-to for protection while quite literally knee-deep in muck or in a dirty barn. They also provided excellent protection from angry and territorial roosters who would occasionally attack my calves.


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