Warm Hands, Warm Heart: The Black Diamond Spark Finger Glove

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Every skier knows about or has experienced the dreaded screaming barfies. It’s when your hands get too cold, then warm up too fast, and it feels like you want to barf and scream at the same time. It’s wickedly unpleasant but also easily avoided. A quality pair of ski gloves can make your mountain day significantly more comfortable and keep your hands guarded against the elements.

My favorite skiing glove is the Black Diamon Spark Angel Finger Glove. Black Diamond makes products in nearly two dozen categories for skiers, climbers, hikers, and generally outdoorsy folks.

The Black Diamond Spark Finger Glove

No screaming, no barfing

After my first case of the screaming barfies, I became hellbent on finding the perfect glove for my poor, cold hands. Quality gear makes a big difference for long mountain days. After trying the gloves of friends and piles of research, I settled on the Spark Angel Finger Glove due to the dexterity of the split-finger construction, the warmth the gloves provide, and the waterproof insert. I’ve been able to adjust my skis and bindings and secure ski boots without ever having to expose my poor fingers to the cold.

The Black Diamond Spark Finger Glove

Versatility when you need it

One of my favorite things about this ski glove is its versatility. It was designed with enough dexterity for backcountry transitions but warm enough for chilly chair lift rides in the resort or long endurance days on cross country skis. The goat leather shell can take a beating from trees and tough terrain, while the BD Dry insert keeps those fingers toasty. I also love the added brow wipe on the back of the thumb. That feature comes in handy when your nose won’t stop running from the cold or when you’re sweaty from shredding at the park.

I use the gloves for all types of ski days, sledding, general snow enjoyment, and anytime I’m in cold weather. This glove has lasted two full winters of wear with me, and they show no signs of dying this upcoming season either.

The Black Diamond Spark Finger Glove

The buy

These gloves are available directly from Black Diamond or any authorized retailers for the MSRP of $89.95. I recommend this option for resort and backcountry skiers alike as they are plenty durable and excellent for long days. I do recommend following their website size chart closely as I ordered the wrong size my first go around!

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