Broad Peak: Things are getting close now

Pythom Dispatch Feed Content

As we wait for the upcoming weather window, we send back a photo from our last trip up to camp two on Broad Peak.

Things are getting close now and we are starting to charge up radios, pack items needed, and get psyched for a summit push. We think we have a good plan for a shot at the top and are just in a final waiting stage now.

Our plan is to send Tomas and Fida ahead of the group by one day, to do a final carry of some O2 and supplies toward our high camp and then they will meet our group in C2 where we will climb together to C3 and then onwards.

Every one is well rested just through default of so many rest days. Our kitchen staff of Ghulum and Nasar Ali just keep coming up with their own plan that is earlier for leaving to the mountain so they can get us out of here and get some rest! They are doing a fantastic job of constantly keeping our group fed and with hot drinks, showers, washing water, whatever we need, but enough already, hah!

Our neighbors here at base have one team member that developed thrombosis in one of his legs, it was a problem he had before so it is not a shock, but they are waiting on better weather so a heli can come in, we know there is also one climber in K2 base camp awaiting an evacuation so hopefully those tow can get out soon. And to a speedy recovery.

We will send another dispatch once we launch upwards!

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