Tibet is Finally A Go!

The Tibet Mountaineering Association has finally approved climbing permits for foreigners heading to Cho Oyu and Shishapangma, the two 8,000’ers that are located in Tibet.

Mingma G confirmed the news to ExplorersWeb. For him, it means that Imagine Nepal will be able to launch teams on both Shishapangma and Cho Oyu. “However, we still have to wait a few more days to get the paperwork done and also need to apply visa,” Mingma G warned.

Cho Oyu is actually right on the border, but its normal route is in Tibet since its southern, Nepal-facing side is extremely difficult.

Italians already in Kathmandu

Determined to waste not a single day, climbers like Mario Vielmo of Italy gambled and flew to Kathmandu even before the permits were approved. Vielmo is teaming up with Sebastiano Valentini and climbing with the Summit Treks team. They are currently waiting for the necessary papers in order to drive to the border.

The climbers sit at a big desk, with piles of postcards in front of them.

Valentini (left) and Vielmo busy themselves with an old-fashioned activity for professional climbers: sending postcards with their expedition logo (via actual mail!) from Kathmandu to sponsors, media, and friends.


In a previous expedition two decades ago, Mario Vielmo climbed only to the peak’s central summit. Shishpangma’s main summit is the eastern point, at 8,027m, while the central (but easier) peak is 8,008m. This year, the Italian guide summited Nanga Parbat under chaotic conditions that led to one death and two dramatic rescues.

Angela Benavides

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