Dawn Wood Completes Atlantic Crossing

” I’ve done it,” Dawn Wood shouted as she arrived in Barbados this week to become the second fastest and only the seventh female to complete a solo Atlantic crossing.

The Essex Police officer completed the 4,800km journey from the Canary Islands in 53 days, missing the record of 49 days set by fellow Brit Kiko Matthews last year.

Officially welcomed by the High Commissioner of Barbados, Wood’s husband and parents were also there to see her complete the feat at Port St Charles.

Dawn Wood is welcomed by her family in Barbados. Photo: Rowaurora.co.uk

Through her achievement, Wood has raised more than $13,000 for the Marine Conservation Society to help raise awareness of plastic pollution. “It was heartbreaking to be in the middle of the ocean and see the evidence of what the human race is doing to our planet,” she said.