Free Event, Sep. 21: Ocean Exploration Roundtable with James Cameron

What is the ocean twilight zone and how can we solve the marine climate crisis unfolding within it? These are the questions that ocean experts will dive into Tuesday night during “Illuminating the Abyss”, a virtual roundtable event.

The online broadcast is free to all registrants and will be live-streamed from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on September 21, from 7:30-8:15 PM ET.

Panel experts

Four subject matter experts from various fields will round out the panel.

Film director James Cameron is the most familiar name on the list. Cameron’s authority on the topic comes from years of deep-sea exploration and marine advocacy.

Ray Dalio is a philanthropist and co-founder of OceanX, a nonprofit institution that fosters and funds partnerships between scientists, tech innovators, and “storytellers” to advance deep-sea exploration.

Peter de Menocal is Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s president and director. A marine geologist by degree, de Menocal is also the founding director of Columbia University’s Center for Climate and Life.

Edith Widder is the founder and CEO of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA). By trade, Widder is a deep-sea biologist who has invented a number of submersible scientific instruments. Notably, she’s given several TED talks about her life’s work to stop and reverse the degradation of marine environments.

“Illuminating the Abyss” registration

“Illuminating The Abyss: Inspiration, Exploration, and Discovery in the Ocean Twilight Zone” is open for registration to all. Sign up to attend at the event registration page.

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9 months ago

Cool! That’s Wednesday 1:30 am in most parts of Europe though. Argh!