Coming Soon: Villanueva O’Driscoll and the Dodos Do Greenland

How to describe the Dodos? A band of merry musical pranksters with major climbing chops? A group of nautical Lokis with a gaggle of first ascents and ridiculous mountain feats varnished with an aggressively silly sensibility? Male sirens luring unsuspecting kayakers to — if not doom — at least confusion?

If that last sentence puzzles you, consider this screenshot from the Dodos’ newest video project.

The Dodos are at it again. Photo: Screenshot


Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Nico Favresse, and company would be famous in the climbing world even if they hadn’t leveraged their delightful sense of humor into a series of popular films, including Reel Rock’s Dodo’s Delight. That rollicking good time covers the crew as they pioneer big wall first ascents around Baffin Island, using the titular sailboat Dodo’s Delight as a floating base of operations.

Now the gang is back with a new Reel Rock series called The Dodos! Do Greenland. Check out the trailer.


“In the years since [Dodo’s Delight], we’ve continued pushing the envelope in adventure climbing and in our creative endeavors,” Villanueva O’Driscoll says in the trailer, shortly before holding a flute and guitar concert at a table suspended from the side of a mountain.

“Creative endeavors.” Photo: Screenshot


The new series follows O’Driscoll and Favresse, in addition to fellow climbers/wags Jean-Louis Wertz and Aleksej Juruta, as they traipse around Greenland. The agenda? Big walls, music, and mayhem. The trailer wraps with the posse discovering their transportation to Greenland: a luxury sailboat owned and operated by Chamonix mountain guides. The boys are very happy to find toilet paper on board.

Creature comforts. Photo: Screenshot


The first episode of The Dodos! Do Greenland is available now with a Reel Rock Unlimited subscription, with the rest of the series dropping later this winter. Don’t miss the mountain madness!

Andrew Marshall

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