Rune made it - Antarctica solo crossing completed!

Rune made it - Antarctica solo crossing completed!

Posted: Feb 03, 2006 12:13 pm EST

It's a new page in Polar History: Norwegian Rune Gjeldnes has reached Terra Nova Base today at 2:00 CET. He has become the first person to complete both polar crossings, unsupplied!

He has kited 4804 kilometres in 90 days - The longest Antarctic polar march ever without resupplies!

In the year 2000, Rune Gjeldnes and Torry Larsen set out to cross the Arctic Ocean. Starting out in Russia, they stepped on the ice in the pitch black Arctic winter. What followed was an epic journey. In the end, the guys had lost just about everything including their sleds and their gear. When they finally reached Canadian territory, they were wearing only a backpack. The doctors of a small research station that examined them on arrival said that Rune and Torry were only 48 hours away from death. They had been out on the ice for 109 days.

On the first week of November, 2005 Rune Gjeldnes set out on a new expedition - and another world record attempt, which has been fullfilled today: To cross Antarctica and become the first person in the world to have crossed both poles - without resupplies.

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Image of Rune Gjeldnes sent live over Contact 3.0 some days ago courtesy of Rune (click to enlarge).