Guinness Revoke Amazon River Record

Marcin Gienieczko’s claim “disqualified”

In relation to adding Amazon to the tables in June this year Adventurestats posted a report correcting Polish Marcin Gienieczko’s record claims.

The adventurer declared he had soloed world record distances while navigating the entire Amazon River.

Adventurestats showed Gienieczko did 85% of the length and only 10% of the altitude, considered the actual crux of the voyage. He not only took support along his “solo” stretch, but had a guide.

Yesterday Guinness World Records confirmed to Piotr Chmielinski (a veteran Amazon paddler) and related journalists that the organization has decided to drop the record with the following motivation:

“The record category for Longest journey by canoe/kayak (solo) does not appear on our website as there is no current record holder at the moment.

Following a formal investigation, it was found that Marcin Gienieczko did not follow pertinent guidelines for this record category and as such, his attempt has been disqualified.”


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