Henry Worsley in Patience Camp: Punta Arenas, not Antarctica

The runway clearing is underway, reports ANI.
(Correne Coetzer) Hundred years ago, after losing their ship, Endurance, Ernest Shackleton and his men set up camp, named Ocean Camp, on an ice floe in the Weddell Sea. Today, in Punta Arenas, Henry Worsley set up Patience Camp, as the Ilyushin-76 has been delayed from flying to Antarctica. Henry has been in Punta for 11 days now.

If he gets delayed too long to complete this 1100 nautical mile / 2037.2 kilometer distance (distance calculated in a straight line), Henry says he has a Plan B up his sleeve. For now, all hope is set on November 4th.

In the mean time, Henry told Pythom that he won’t be wearing a backpack, but probably a bumbag with sat phone and beacon in it.

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