Hummers to drive to South Pole with No Fossil Fuels and a Touch of Hollywood

1,200-mile expedition to the South Pole in two Hummers converted from their gas-guzzling stereotype into hybrid-electric vehicles so that the mission uses zero fossil fuels.
For Nick Baggarly, driving is a passion.

“The word ‘drive’ doesn’t necessarily have to do with cars,” he says. “It has to do with personal ambition, a drive to make a difference, to change the world, to believe you can, and to look for any kind of creative avenue in response to the problems we face.”

“If you see a Hummer go down the street, you want to see who’s in it and what in the world that thing is doing. So, we’re leveraging a symbol, taking the latest technology and stuffing it into the last thing people would expect, and then doing something relevant with it instead of just throwing it away.”

The ZERO SOUTH project came in the form of a joke someone sent Baggarly during the LONGITUDE Expedition.

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