Kristin Harila’s Next Stop: Makalu

After a few days resting in Kathmandu — and perhaps checking the state of potential routes — Kristin Harila has chosen Makalu as her next goal.

Harila and a sherpa climber inside a mess tent.

Kristin Harila at Makalu BC. Photo: Seven Summit Treks/Instagram


She posted a photo of herself in Makalu Base Camp today. However, her track locates her even higher: at 6,631m, the altitude of a “higher” Camp 1.

Pasang Rinzee confirmed her plans to ExplorersWeb. He was to guide Harila during 2023, but logistics changed when she scored permits for Shishapangma and Cho Oyu in Tibet. Rinzee went to Everest instead, to guide blind climber Rafa Jaime of Mexico.

On Makalu, Sherpas have already fixed the route up to Camp 3. They will likely summit on their next push. Harila and her Sherpa guides will likely be right behind them.

Harila completed her 14x8000ers quest last week on Cho Oyu. However, she wants to climb the other 12 non-Chinese peaks again, hoping to do the entire round of 14 in six months.

Angela Benavides

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