La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes: Lace-Up Or VS?

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La Sportiva’s Miura climbing shoes come in two different styles: lace-up and VS. Although they are technically the same shoe, they’re suitable for different applications. The lace-up version works well for a variety of applications and on different terrains. In contrast, the Miura VS (hook and loop closure) version is more bouldering-specific, since it’s designed as more of a slipper and is less adjustable than the Miura lace.

The Miura lace is one of my all-time favorite shoes, thanks to its versatility in technical climbing. The pointed, asymmetrical toe is excellent for sport climbing, especially on overhanging walls and limestone pockets. It also excels on small edges because of the stiffer sole, yet it smears almost as well as its edges. Plus, it’s my go-to shoe for finger cracks because the thin toe fits well into cracks thinner than a .75, unlike my typical crack climbing shoe, the TC Pro.

La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes


The La Sportiva Miura lace and the Miura VS have slightly different features but start from the same base. The slingshot rand and Powerhinge system help you edge on the tiniest holds. The slingshot rand is a piece of rubber that wraps around the back of your heel and the bottom of your foot. It helps keep your shoe in place when putting pressure on your toes. It also helps with heel hooks.

La Sportiva ties the slingshot rand into their Powerhinge system that wraps the whole foot in rubber and provides extra support when toeing in on a tiny foothold. The Miura VS and the Miura lace use 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber to maintain shape, grip, and precision while edging.

For closures, the La Sportiva Miura lace uses a speed lacing system that easily and quickly adjusts for your foot (one of the reasons I love these shoes). The leather upper and multi-paneled liner molds to fit your foot over time. The Miura VS is a three-strap hook and loop closure that compliments the one-piece leather upper and synthetic liner. It’s unlined on the sole for better sensitivity.

La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes

Final Thoughts

The Miura lace is one of my all-time favorite shoes for sport climbing, bouldering, and thin crack climbing. It adjusts well to your feet due to the lace-up closure; if you size up a bit, they are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

The Miura VS is better for gym climbing, bouldering, and steep sport climbing. It’s a stiffer shoe designed to fit more tightly due to the slipper style and hook and loop closure.

Both versions of the Miura come in women’s and men’s versions. The women’s is slightly lower volume, although, with the lace-up style, it’s easy to adjust to fit most feet. I’ve worn both the men’s and women’s lace-up Miuras and find them comparable in fit and performance.

Overall, these are high-quality performance climbing shoes that work well for various styles of climbing. You will probably get a lot out of the Miura VS or the Miura Lace (or both!).

La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes

The Buy

The La Sportiva Miura Lace and VS are available directly through La Sportiva, many in-person and online outdoor retailers, and even places like You may even find these shoes at your local climbing gym. The MSRP for these shoes is $179, but you can often find a good deal if you look around.

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