Marcin Gienieczko and the Great Guinness Hoax

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(Canoe & Kayak) Last September, Polish adventurer Marcin Gienieczko finished a traverse of the South American continent by foot, bicycle and canoe. It was an impressive expedition by any standard, particularly the 3,720-mile descent of the Amazon which Gienieczko said he completed alone in an open canoe. Guinness soon proclaimed it the longest solo paddling journey ever.

That was 14 months ago. The reason Canoe & Kayak is only now covering the story goes to the heart of expedition paddling—why canoeists and kayakers undertake long, difficult trips and what they expect to gain in return. It sheds some light on our editorial process at C&K and, more than anything, shows how easy it is to fool the Guinness organization. Read more at


Stealing the Amazon