Mingbo Eiger: Bodies of Missing Climbers Found

A search team has found the bodies of missing climbers Louis Pachoud, Gabriel Miloche, and Thomas Arfi. The trio had been climbing Mingbo Eiger when they disappeared on October 26. It appears that an avalanche may have hit the climbers.

A strong team of Nepali guides, led by Ang Norbu Sherpa, recently resumed the search after a few days of bad weather. Over the weekend, they found the remains of the three young French climbers. All three have been identified and airlifted to Lukla, the French newspaper Le Dauphine reports.

Photo: Kailash Helicopter Service

Pachoud, Miloche, and Arfi were part of a larger French team, the Groupe of Alpine Excellence (GEAM). They were climbing new routes in Nepal’s Khumbu valley, focusing on Cholatse and satellite peaks in the Kangtega area, very close to Ama Dablam.

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Thrill seeker
Thrill seeker
6 months ago

At least their families will have closure…..
Thanks to the Nepalese.